A Quick Word About Christmas

Christmas can be a tricky time, I’m realizing, for those of us trying to reduce our carbon footprint while not appearing to be a total humbug. Here are a few tips:

Christmas Trees
Ok, so by now, you’ve probably purchased and decorated your Christmas tree, but, if you’re frozen between the choice of a fake or real tree and wondering which way to go, The Nature Conservancy offers their recommendation: real trees. Shocked? Click on the link above to see why cutting down a real tree is better carbon-wise than buying a fake one. And, for all of you with a fragrant real tree in your living rooms you can breath a sigh of relief, preferably, on a living tree that can absorb your CO2.

Christmas Gifts
New York City’s No-Impact-Man Colin Beavan wrote an article on Christmas gift giving in Bainbridge Island’s very own YES! Magazine. It’s a thoughtful piece about how to give sustainable gifts to people who still want/expect gifts even though you might not give gifts within your own family.

And, should you find yourself actually purchasing gifts to give, The Nature Conservancy has tons of DIY ideas on their blog using recycled elements and making them beautiful, like the bow pictured to the left.

If you’re looking to create a gift, or upcycle something lying around the house, Upcyclista has great ideas on their FaceBook page, such as making gift tags out of used maps.

Reusable Gift BagsOh, and I almost forgot! Reusable gift bags. They aren’t mentioned too much these days, but for those of you with a sewing machine out there, it’s just a bag stitched on three sides with an attached tie cord. See samples left. (We got these years ago when ordering clothes, from some company way ahead of its time. I just found them tucked way waiting for the perfect opportunity, but why wait? I’m using them today.)


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2 Responses to A Quick Word About Christmas

  1. Mattio says:

    Big fan.

    So my next door neighbor was up 40 feet in his long needled pine tree yesterday, saw in hand.
    “Charlie, what the hell?”
    “Getting my xmas tree. Wife wants a 6 footer this year”
    A branch came crashing down. Charlie, by ladder, shortly after. He stood the branch on end, and there before me was a charming, albeit a bit wispy, tree.
    “How about that?” he said.

    “How about that?” I said.

    How about that.

  2. Jane says:

    Urban myth in the making.

    Gotta love a guy out there getting his wife a tree tho, right?

    Hope topping the now 34′ tree doesn’t invite vermin into it’s core, weaken it so that it blows over in the next storm. It’s not close to your house, is it? Jiggle bells….