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Jane Lindley aka Low Carbon Girl

Jane Lindley

I feel like someone who’s about to go on a diet and has just eaten an entire chocolate cake. You know what I mean? Totally satiated, and, for a minute dieting doesn’t seem that bad.

As just about everyone knows, airline travel will add tons to a girl’s carbon-footprint waistline. And, I’ve just about had it with air travel. Completely satiated. It’s not just TSA, super-crowded flights, the uselessness of frequent-flyer programs, and generally crabby atmosphere, which hangs over flight crew and travelers alike, but it’s mostly that.

Plus, I’ve been spoiled ROTTEN by traveling. Not only did I travel with my family as a kid, but to the most far-flung places as an adult: New Zealand, Australia (twice – I have a best friend there), Italy (like five times – trying to learn the language), and other places I’ve completely forgotten. My motto was: if I had an extra $5,000 – time to travel!

Now that I’m more aware of my impact on the earth, I’m looking forward to seeing how it’ll impact my future decisions:

  • Will I move back to the East Coast to be closer to family and avoid the cross-continental air travel several times a year?
  • Will my husband and I find a  house with a bigger yard so we don’t have to drive the dogs somewhere for a walk everyday?
  • Will our replacement refrigerator be an Energy Star brand?
  • Will I start buying only second-hand clothing?
  • Will I start biking everywhere?

Answers to these and many others as I write this blog.

Also, I’m thinking of running a tally, if possible, of money saved  and CO2 emissions reduced. I mean, ’cause that’s the thing…most things that reduce CO2 emissions also save money (turning the heat down, using the car less, having friends over for coffee instead of going out, etc.).

One thing I found with changing my diet is that change is hard, but like many people, I get into ruts and change is worth the effort to feel better and discover something new like quinoa and kale.

5 Responses to About Me

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  2. Rosie Brant says:

    I love it, Jane! And, you said you weren’t sure you were a writer! I appreciate the content and the links….great job, and great graphic for “Low carbon girl!” Thanks for inviting me into the conversation!

  3. Sam Marquit says:


    My name is Sam Marquit, I am an independent ‘green’ contractor and co-author of Fair Marquit Value I am wondering if you’re interested in featuring me on your blog because I would love a chance to speak with your readers about the idea of environmentally responsible tourism as it’s applied in modern day travel and stay.

    If you think this topic, or any other for that matter, would be of interest to your readers, please let me know and I can begin drafting up something that I believe will mesh with your blog very well.

    I look forward to hearing back from you; hopefully we can work together on spreading the word on important topics like this as they relate to environmental awareness!

    I look forward to hearing from you,