Do the Slow Thing

Do the slow carbon thingI’m constantly looking for ways to simplify my carbon reduction so I don’t have to think about it so much. To that end, one of my favorite blogs/sites is Do the Green Thing. It identifies seven things everyone can do to live a greener life:

  • Walking (I’d include biking too)
  • Staying Grounded (not flying)
  • All-consuming (use up what you buy)
  • Easy on the Meat (some people would say go vegan, if possible)
  • Human Heat (add clothes, other humans rather than turning up the thermostat)
  • Plug Out (unplug electronics and appliances that are not in use as electricity still dribbles out if they’re plugged in – who knew?)
  • Stick With What You’ve Got (this is hard for fashionable people, or say, someone who needs to have the latest technology due to their job, but for those of us who dislike shopping it’s easy).

Let’s look at just the first bullet point, walking. That seems simple enough, right? Just the other day I used walking as a method for getting from point A to B and was pleasantly surprised. I had a 9 am meeting last Saturday and was planning on biking but when I woke up it was bitter cold, so rather than turn into a popsicle, I decided to walk.

It was a crisp morning and the sun was slowly turning the frost on the grass and trees into diamonds. Walking, even more than biking put me in touch with my surroundings. I wouldn’t have noticed the bald eagle flying overhead or the light on the Cascade Mountains if I biked (as my vision would have been blurred by streaming tears due to the cold).

It does seem to take more time. Being low-carbon. I think that needs to be recognized. I had to have the time to walk. It meant getting up a little earlier than if I was planning to drive, which would have taken 5 minutes. It took 35 minutes to leisurely walk a mile, although biking would have just taken about 8 minutes.

Being forced to slow down a bit — it might not be a bad thing. I mean there is a whole slow food movement, right? Spending time cooking, enjoying friends a family, eating nutritious food is nothing but goodness. Maybe the next big thing is a slow-carbon movement.

Follow Up
Looks like Green Steve and I are thinking along the same lines. He has a post about walk that illustrates how much you can reduce your carbon footprint by walking instead of taking your car.

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