Kicking the Catalog Habit


One week’s worth of catalogs.

You know what’s weird? I don’t even order from catalogs anymore – who does?  I might page through a catalog every now and then; but, one online order seems to spawn 100 catalogs.

What’s the carbon impact of catalogs you may be asking? Well, according to Mike Berners-Lee who wrote How Bad Are Bananas? Even one small catalog sent to the landfill emits about 3.5lbs of CO2 equivalent gases (CO2 and other greenhouse gases like methane). Most of the emissions come from: paper production, printing, mailing, and decomposition in landfills.

The scariest thing is that I spent six months a few years ago mailing a postcard to each and every company requesting that they stop sending them. That gave me catalog relief for about a year. Then, like fruit flies, they’re BACK!

Now, I’m using CarbonRally’s Catalog Choice.  Catalog Choice is sponsored by the California-based Ecology Center and endorsed by the National Wildlife Federation and the Natural Resources Defense Council, Catalog Choice offers you a simple way to opt out of catalogs.

Bonus! It lets you opt out of credit card offers and phone books. WooHoo!

Catalog Choice

Catalog Choice shows the benefits of your phone book and catalog reduction as you go.

Using Catalog Choice is 10,000 times easier than sending postcards. It’s totally addictive, like eating potato chips. Plus, Catalog Choice keeps your spirits up by listing the Environmental Benefits as you go. Nice. You’ll still need to collect the catalogs you’d like to stop so you can enter the customer number or source code.


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