NO LNG – Fracked Gas the Next Big Climate Fight

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Puget Sound Clean Air Agency (PSCAA) has not approved a permit for Puget Sound Energy’s Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) Facility in Tacoma yet. Only three more days to comment! Here’s how:

Submit comments in writing no later than November 21, 2018:

Address: 1904 3rd Ave, Suite 105 – Seattle, WA 98101


Fax: 206-343-7522

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Tacoma Weekly photo. Click to read article.

I was lucky enough to go to PSCAA’s public hearing on Tuesday October 30th with Holly Brewer from Indivisible Bainbridge and Co-Chair of Climate Action Bainbridge Michael Cox. Here some of the comments from activists fighting for fossil-fuel-free energy: video montage. (My comments are below.)



>PSCAA’s Permit Process

>READ PSCAA’s Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement 

>Fracked Gas, Next Big Climate Fight

To meet our long-term Green House Gas (GHG) reduction goals, we must first stop making the problem worse. We need to stop all new or expanded uses of fracked gas, including new power plants, the Kalama methanol refinery and the Tacoma liquified natural gas facility.

My Comments at the PSCAA Hearing on Oct 30th:
I’m glad that the Agency works everyday to PROTECT public health, IMPROVE neighborhood air quality, and REDUCE our region’s contribution to climate change.

In part, because the Department of Ecology for Washington State has some pretty impressive GHG emission reduction goals, including:

•    Reduce overall GHG emissions to 1990 levels by 2020 – that’s ONLY 2 years away.
•    ​Then to reduce overall GHG emissions to 25 percent below 1990 levels by 2035.
•    And, finally to reduce emissions to 50 percent below 1990 levels by 2050.

How are we going to meet these goals if we continue to build fossil fuel infrastructure INSTEAD of transitioning to renewable energy? We’re not.

The Draft (SEIS) states that it focuses exclusively on the lifecycle of GHG emissions. And, that the approval of PSE’s LNG Facility is DEPENDANT on British Columbia being the SOLE source of its natural gas supply. How can British Columbia be considered better than anything else when a pipeline exploded near Prince George, British Columbia earlier this month? It released UNTOLD amounts of methane and other Green House Gases into the air.

Please DENY the final Order of Approval for PSE’s LNG Facility in Tacoma. To truly reduce GHG emissions we need our energy companies to transition entirely off of fossil fuels. There is no other way for Washington State to meet its GHG emission reduction targets.

Thank you.


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