Shout out to the Greenpeace Guys


Todd and Peter from Greenpeace.

Greenpeace is canvasing Bainbridge Island today (yesterday was Port Townsend, where they signed up 59 people – come on BI – don’t let PT beat us!). To the left is a picture of Todd, me and Peter who caught me as I was racing to T&C. They were standing in the FREEZING cold rain without even a shred of Gortex. Uhm. Seattle=Gortex.

Small aside, before I moved to Seattle, I was biking in New Zealand and overheard someone griping about the quality of the coffee. I was shocked. Really? You’re in an extremely beautiful place and all you can think about is that bad cup o’ Joe you had in the morning? But, that was before I moved to Seattle and got addicted to coffee. In fact, Diana Mucci, the woman complaining, happened to not only live in Seattle but had her own coffee stand on the corner of 2nd and Columbia. She was the only person I knew before moving to Seattle, got me addicted to coffee, by feeding me the local baby formula (double tall mocha) and told me the weather’s not an issue if you dress for it (Gortex and fleece). I don’t see Diana much anymore but she had a huge positive impact on my life. I’m warm and alert.

Getting back to Todd and Peter,  I’m surprised they weren’t recipients of a little more BI hospitality (you know a coffee, or something). But, it is a busy time of the year and I almost whisked past them myself.

I know I’ve donated to Greenpeace before, but not sure I’ve ever been a member. Todd and Peter were happy to be blog-fodder in exchange for a membership, so I signed up. See the trouble this blog is getting me into?

The main issue Todd and Peter were concerned about today was coal. I sure hope Greenpeace’s site is on a carbon-neutral server, like mine – AISO 100% solar powered. Remember, most hosting companies use diesel generators as backup. Eek.

Good luck guys. Help us save the planet.

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