Books are my Weakness

Home library

Few things I like more than a built-in bookcase with space for more books. Lolita is a purebred rescue dog – sort of like having a secondhand dog – surely a smaller carbon footprint than a brandy-new dog.

I don’t mean to turn this blog into some kind of a confessional, or anything, and I do want to guard against over-sharing — that’s just embarrassing, However, I need to admit one little thing…for some reason my subconscious has done some quick bargaining and I’ve been under the false impression that books are exempt from my low-carbon calculations.

This occurred to me when, after a couple friends recommended some books, I sprinted to the local bookstore without a thought to buying used books or even going to the library. (However, nothing says the local library is automatically a carbon-neutral solution either as buildings can use more energy than cars and trucks.)

Luckily, the cashier at Eagle Harbor Books saved me from myself and let me know I could get a used copy of one of the books downstairs at their used book annex. I had no idea Eagle Harbor Books had a used bookstore.  The used book was half the price and looked exactly the same! I’m going straight to the used bookstore from now on when the urge to buy a book or two hits me. Remember, buying books online is not a panacea either. Think of all of that electricity (I trust that we don’t need to step through that from servers to your e-reader).

Obviously, our habits define us and are hard to change. In fact, we might not even be aware they exist.

So, looking forward to the changes I can make in the New Year, one option is buying used books, or better, borrowing from friends, while print sales dwindle and independent bookstores teeter on the brink of extinction. Here are a few more:

Possible 2013 Resolutions

  • Buy nothing new (which I’d like to try but I’m instantly reminded that all of my computers are so old that I can’t even upgrade to the latest browser and suffer through constant upgrade prompts. I’m willing to use old computers for another year, I think. Exemptions from buying used would be: underwear and any sweaty gym togs.)
  • Stop using or even sell the car (Ok, we’re too rural for this, plus, hard to transport two 70lb dogs on a bike, so that option is out. But, I’ll definitely look into biking more.)
  • Downsize living space (I would love to do this in the future. We had a small home but my hubby recently built a 1,000 sq ft addition. He’s a builder. And, naturally, since he was building, I asked for a built-in bookcase, see photo. Clearly, civilization is doomed!)
  • Stop flying (that if fine by me but it tends to increase my driving).
  • Evaluate each aspect of my life to see where I can reduce my carbon footprint and blog about it – best resolution so far!
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