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Internet done right – don’t phone it in!

Internet Powered by 100% Renewable Energy: Step One

The internet is so ubiquitous most people don’t even think about it. It surrounds us. (Like the Matrix.) We need to take a minute and think about it though. It’s comprised of a network of servers in data centers around … Continue reading

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Shout out to the Greenpeace Guys

Greenpeace is canvasing Bainbridge Island today (yesterday was Port Townsend, where they signed up 59 people – come on BI – don’t let PT beat us!). To the left is a picture of Todd, me and Peter who caught me … Continue reading

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It’s all No-Impact Man’s Fault

Have you ever seen a documentary or news story where someone claims some seemingly minor occurrence changed their life? Well, after years of rolling by eyes at other people’s life altering events, it happened to me! I happened upon Colin … Continue reading

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