Reduce Your Pet’s Carbon Paw Prints

A while back, I posted an article discussing a few ways that pet owners can reduce the carbon paw prints of their dogs – an article that was inspired by my friend Teri that was wondering what to do with dog poop after it’s picked up and put in a bag.

Building up on that article, here’s a very interesting info-graphic I found on Ultimate Home Lifethat discusses 14 practices every dog owner can easily incorporate – if they want to limit their dog’s carbon paw prints to the greatest extent.

A few of the tips I mentioned originally were using biodegradable bags to pick up after your dog’s poop, bringing home a rescued dog from a shelter and a few pointers you should know about concerning the food your dog eats – all of which are discussed in detail (and with some interesting statistics, might I add) in the info-graphic below.

I love tip #10 – we now reuse and donate our clothes, why not do that for our four-legged friends as well?

So, there we have it!

Any thoughts?

What are your experiences with any of these tips about reducing the carbon paw prints of your dog?

And, if you’ve got any tips of your own that weren’t mentioned in this illustration, make yourself heard and share them in the comments section below!

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