Solar Chargers – not just for vacation anymore

solar panel Joos Orange

Joos Orange solar panel – works well in the wet environs and at home.

Spoiler alert: the following may seem like a no-brainer. And, it is. Sometimes it just takes someone else to reframe things for me to see something clearly, differently, or to apply a new use – does that ever happen to you?

So, there I was posting climate-related news to twitter and facebook when I came across Tree Hugger’s article, 10 Low-Tech Tactics for Living Sustainably. I scanned through to see if it was worthy of posting – it was! The paragraph on solar chargers made me think – what was I doing with my solar charger that I used on my kayak trip last year? Why was it packed away awaiting another kayaking trip when it could be in use right now? Why indeed.

We’ve all heard of phantom energy by now, right? One way to cut down on electricity use and bills is to unplug from the grid. Seems simple, and it is.


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2 Responses to Solar Chargers – not just for vacation anymore

  1. Green Steve says:

    This is so true Jane – in fact, when it comes to solar chargers like this, the only way that they’ll ever repay themselves in terms of the energy and natural resources that go into making them is to use them constantly.

    Otherwise they may well turn out to be a net drain on resources not a provider…

    • Jane Lindley says:

      Hey Steve,
      Super tardy reply – the only thing that makes me nervous is that if someone like me missed the concept of using solar chargers continually – and I’m looking for ways to live a more sustainable life – what else am I missing? Thanks for your comment and support. :-)