Zero Waste Bathroom Gap Update

Homemade toothpaste, mouthwash, face lotion

Re-purposed jelly jars are perfect for homemade personal care products. Note, bamboo toothbrush – mostly compost-able!!

Just a quick update on my bathroom commercial-product-replacement progress. You can find the before image in my last post.

First, I was loving baking soda instead of commercial toothpaste, it did a GREAT job of removing the coffee stains on my teeth, but then I was thinking it was doing perhaps too good of a job, so I’m switching to Trash is for Tossers’ toothpaste made of baking soda (naturally!) and coconut oil. Oh, my goodness! How have I overlooked coconut oil for so long?!? I love cooking with it, but had no idea how many commercial products it can replace with aplomb.

Second, I found a recipe for face lotion on Homemade Mommy (with coconut oil!) and essential oils that I’m using. I think in the future, I’m going to use aroma-free coconut oil instead. I was thinking coconut smell goes with everything – I love it – but it is a little icky with carrot, myrrh, frankincense and lemon. The recipe called for lavender essential oil, but I had to draw the line on somewhere on essential oil purchases.

And, finally, I found an easy mouthwash recipe on Organic Natural Beauty. No one’s complained about my breath, so I guess it’s OK (I do have very polite friends, so maybe that’s not a good indicator). I ended up using the Basic Mouthwash recipe (#1). It has to be easy or I’m not going to make it, if you know what I mean.

I haven’t gotten around to making body lotion yet. I feel certain it’ll contain coconut oil. Or, maybe I should just put a jar of coconut oil in the bath as I read it’s good for scrubbing the shower too. So versatile!

Not sure I’ll warm up to the whole sugar-water hairspray idea. I hardly ever use hairspray anyway. And, I’m too chicken to make my own sterile saline solution (I suppose if I was really zero-waste I wouldn’t use disposable contacts of any kind – just glasses, from 1950s, maybe they’re making a retro comeback).

So that’s probably it for me for now, other than figuring out how to make laundry detergent. Just glad to be able to put some of those jelly jars to good use. :-)

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